Safe and Natural Holistic Vet Treatments, Giving You Options When Conventional Medicine Doesn't Work.

Holistic treatments from an experienced vet

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All Natural

Treatments are natural, supports organ function and are very safe compared to conventional vet treatments.

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We Don't rush

Our consults are between 50- 75 minutes long. This ensures we take the right course of action and avoids stressing your pet.

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You're in good hands

Our vet is RCVS registered with many years of experience both as a conventional and holistic vet. He is certified in both Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture.



Our holistic vet services are tailored to the your pet’s needs. Treatments can consist of Chinese / Western herbs, acupuncture and diet advice. We also offer a wide range of laboratory services such as titre testing, worm count. Click below to read more.

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Diet Advice

Lab Tests

Google Reviews

Maria Peploe
My pooch Ripley was diagnosed with Kidney Disease (KD) a year ago when routine bloods were taken prior to an emergency eye removal due to glaucoma. Traditional vets were very helpful but I wanted to pursue alternative therapies before turning to processed food and binders which was there only recommendation. Fortunately, I found Rinnert who took time to listen and read about Ripley who at the time had high levels of creatine and phosphorus amongst other readings resulting in a grade 3 KD. Ripley is a quirky, very sensitive and complex pooch. Rinnert is patient, gentle and with a bespoke natural diet recipe and regular acupuncture Ripley's routine bloods and urine results have altered considerably in a positive direction. Vets⁴pets have worked alongside Holistic vet care providing regular bloods. Ripley and I highly recommend Rinnert as his expertise and therapy has turned things around for Ripley. Thank you Ŕinnert.
Sarah Smith
I was faced with my Border Collie Millie being on long term pain medication for arthritis, unfortunately after one dose she had a very poor reaction. This led me to look for an alternative. Then I stumbled upon Rinnert and figured it couldn't hurt to try the acupuncture and herbs. I'm so grateful I did find him because Millie is going from strength to strength. She's showing no obvious signs of pain. Her overall health and demeanour is much improved. I'm less worried about her. Rinnert was quick to respond to my initial email and tell me what help and support he could offer. We never feel rushed with appointments and he has a very calming presence which both myself and Millie pick up on. She barely reacts to the needles and is settling more and more during treatments. I would highly recommend his practice. I'm very glad I found him.
Diane Hanshaw
I was looking for an alternative to modern medication for my elderly dog as expensive tablets from the vet were not working. From the first visit to Holistic Dog Care, Rinnert listened to what the issues were and has adapted the treatment to maximise improvements. My dog is happy again and has regained a quality of life he hasn't had for a long while. I highly recommend trying the holistic approach offered by Rinnert.
Moira Walker
Rinnert always gives much thought to the care he gives my cat and her quality of life has significantly improved through holistic therapy. I would encourage anyone to seek help from Rinnert when their pet is still in pain with traditional treatment. Her pain relief medication for arthritis has been reduced and she is much more comfortable.
Sarah Harrison
My 14 year old Chinchilla cat had a large chest and side tumour and I feared I would soon have to make a heartbreaking decision. I heard Dr Rinnert Van Den Burgh interviewed on BBC Radio Leicester and took Miss Daisy to see him. That was in Nov last year and thanks to his expertise in holistic vet care, she is enjoying life today. The herbs she was given will not cure her but take the heat and moisture out of the tumour which has slowed the growth Rinnert creates a very calm environment and takes time to understand the pet and symptoms. Miss Daisy was also given acupuncture. Definitely recommend this holistic approach to pet care and Rinnert is extremely knowledgeable and a true professional in this field of pet care.
Cheryl Singh
Highly recommended. Very friendly. My dog had treatment of acupuncture and was given herbs. Noticed a huge difference by the time we got home (1hr drive). Will be continuing treatment as it works!
Ruth Button
I would gladly recommend Rinnert to anyone who has problems with their special pet.Very kind and caring... thank you for your help .. ...
Sinfi Buckley
Rinnert has helped us greatly with our wire hair fox terrier. She has suffered increasingly with sensitive skin and food allergies and it was distressing to see her discomfort and to feel like we were just addressing the symptoms rather than the cause of her issues, gradually increasing the strength of her medications as they seemed to become less effective. Rinnert is kind, calm and thoughtful. He listened to everything we told him about our dog Lola and took his time to explain his approach to treating her. It is three months since we started taking her to see him and she is a different dog, her symptoms are getting much better, we have been able to reduce other conventional medication, she is no longer uncomfortable and she is a much calmer, happier dog. We can’t recommend The Holistic Vet enough.
Rachel Seru
Thoroughly recommend Holistic Vet Care, my dog is 11 and has been suffering with joint and back pain to the point walks were becoming impossible. Treatment and medication from our regular vet unfortunately produced little to no results for over a year. The progress we have seen with not only his physical care but his energy and mood on the whole has been amazing, we noticed the difference in the first 7 days and there have been noticeable improvements every week since. Most importantly Rinnert took his time to get to know our dog, made sure he was comfortable and asked questions to ensure he could access his overall health. He asked questions about his diet, routine, mood, general behaviours and well being. To be honest it's helped us as a family understand so much more about overall dog health, a very welcomed difference to the standard approach vets take which is usually to look at each presented injury/concern separately. It was a last hope for us and I am so glad we embraced this opportunity, I only wish we had explored this avenue of care earlier, it has made such a difference to Pablo's quality of life. Hopefully in the near future holistic care will be more widely available and accessible, it has given us hope that we have a little more time with our lovely boy without him being in pain and enjoying life again.

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