Safe and Natural Holistic Vet Treatments, Giving You Options When Conventional Medicine Doesn't Work.

Holistic treatments from experienced professionals

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All Natural

Treatments are natural, supports organ function and are very safe compared to conventional vet treatments.

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We Don't rush

Our consults are between 50- 75 minutes long. This ensures we take the right course of action and avoids stressing your pet.

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You're in good hands

Our vet is RCVS registered with many years of experience both as a conventional and holistic vet. He is certified in both Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture.



Our holistic vet services are tailored to the your pet’s needs. Treatments can consist of Chinese / Western herbs, acupuncture and diet advice. We also offer a wide range of laboratory services such as titre testing, worm count. Click below to read more.

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Google Reviews

hayley cleaver
hayley cleaver
I came to Holistic Vet Care with my dog Jerry Lee who had chronic osteoarthritis. The acupuncture and Chinese herbs that Rinnert prescribes has changed his life. He still has the condition, but the pain has visibly reduced and it’s like he has been frozen in time, with the condition not progressing as you would expect in a dog of his age. Holistic Vet Care invested in a state of the art laser system to help with pain relief which Jerry participates in and loves! More recently a physiotherapist was employed within the practice who is brilliant. We now have Shockwave therapy for Jerry to complement the laser treatments and acupuncture. Again, Jerry absolutely loves it and falls asleep! It has definitely helped with his condition even more and I’m delighted with the results. I can’t recommend Rinnert and his team enough. Your pet is always put first and you just know you are in good hands. Thank you for Jerry Lee’s wonderful treatments.
Rebecca Taylor
Rebecca Taylor
We have been coming since November after our dog was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer. We opted to not go ahead with chemotherapy due to various reasons, and decided to give the herbal route a try along side steroids. Prognosis was 3-4 months from the Oncologist, and we are coming into our 5th month. We are so happy with her progress. She has so much energy and has still been enjoying life to the full, which was our main priority. We are hoping for many more months and will continue with the herbs.
Lorraine Ashley
Lorraine Ashley
Our Chinese Crested dog was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma 10 months ago. Our regular Vet advised Euthanasia as soon as possible due to her age. However, within two days of her first treatment with Rinnert she was walking without a limp and wanting to play with her toys. She is now having regular acupuncture and herbal treatments and continues to thrive. As a family, words cannot express how grateful we are for this extra time with her. Rinnert has been amazing throughout; I highly recommend him and the treatments he offers.
Katherine Killick
Katherine Killick
I contacted Holistic Vet Care just over 18 months ago and I am very glad that I did. My Romanian Crossbreed girl, Star, had suffered from diverse symptoms - lameness in multiple limbs, skin problems, loss of body condition and coat, loss of appetite, vomiting and diarrhoea. She seemed to have lost the will to live. She had eventually been successfully diagnosed with atypical immune mediated polyarthritis and treated with immunosuppressive therapy by the RVC specialists. This had halted all the worrying symptoms, thank goodness. As this radical treatment drew to a close, I was convinced that there was a problem underlying the obvious manifestations and contacted Holistic Vet Care in a search for a perspective that would make sense of this and hopefully offer healing for Star. Alongside this serious immune system disturbance, Star has suffered from advancing osteoarthritis in her left elbow after two arthroscopies to relieve unilateral elbow dysplasia, the first when she was barely aged 1 year old. Fast forward to 18 months after starting treatment with acupuncture and Chinese medicine herbal therapy alongside the pain relieving drug Amantadine prescribed for her elbow by the RVC : I now have the happy, healthy, playful, mischievous girl, that I adopted aged 4 months, back. Her thick shiny coat, her appetite, her body condition and vitality, all of which had faded, have returned and her elbow issues are barely discernible. I believe that Rinnert's patience and understanding with Star, who has been very fearful in consultations, and the perspective that his understanding of what Chinese medicine has to offer, via acupuncture and herbal medicines, has given her a new lease of life. I can't thank Holistic Vet Care enough and I can wholeheartedly recommend the practice.
Rob speedplay
Rob speedplay
Same cat and rabbit clinic, new location! It's great to see the practice growing yet again and back in Duston too. Service and care is always the top priority and that's why we've been using them for over twenty years. The new location is much better than the last one as it's easier to get to and has more parking. Waiting area was a hit with Turbo as he loves to have his own seat! Keep up the great work team!
Suzanne Pegg
Suzanne Pegg
The best vets, Simon & Kim and the team are so so good, wouldn't go anywhere else. They have been our vets for nearly 25 years.
derek cooper
derek cooper
Very good place

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