Gain control over your pet's health and wellbeing

"I can highly recommend Rinnert. Everything was explained, he was very calm and professional and most importantly Harley felt very relaxed around him".
picture of dog with owner
Tony Ward
Personal Trainer
"...she is eating well and she plays like a little kitten again"
Margaret Browning
"The outcome was brilliant. My dog is happier, calmer and I started to notice a difference by week 3. By week 5 the difference was amazing".
Zena Taylor
Raw Dog Food Ltd

The Benefits:


Treatments are natural, supports organ function and are very safe compared to conventional vet treatments 

a dog running on the beach

Better mobility

Reducing pain is very important for your pet’s wellbeing, but also for their ability to exercise and regain muscle strength

a cat playing

Quality of Life

Our focus is on the animal as a whole. How they feel, how they interact and playfulness are often greatly improved with thanks to acupuncture and herbs

Stress Free

We take plenty of time for your pet to get used to us and treatments are gentle, making the experience very relaxing

On BBC Radio:

"Sometimes it takes more than medication to make a difference"..."especially with chronic illnesses. That's where Dr Rinnert van den Bergh comes in"
Helen Blaby
Presenter, BBC radio Northampton
"You have an amazing job, it's astonishing!"
Ben Jackson
Presenter, BBC radio Leicester