Treating Behavioural Issues and Anxiety

We offer a range of natural and non-invasive treatments.

Treating anxiety in animals

The reasons an animal can be experiencing anxiety can be very individual, so the treatment will be unique to them. There are many herbal formulas that be used in conjunction with acupuncture to treat anxious animals, all of which are safe and gentle with little to no-side effects. 

Treating Aggressive behaviour

From a holistic point of view, aggression and anger issues come from an imbalance in the body, often within the liver. There are many different mechanisms and treatment plans that can help animals suffering aggression. Often behavioural therapy is also needed in these cases in combination with balancing the body with herbs/acupuncture.

Other behavioural issues

There are treatments available for a wide range of behavioural issues such as hyperactivity, separation anxiety and undiagnosed disorders. Our treatments, such as acupuncture, are gentle, safe and comfortable. Often times animals with behavioural issues do not experience distress during appointments. 


What methods can be used?

Each case is unique, so each patient will have a bespoke treatment plan. Our treatments generally include a combination of diet planning, acupuncture and herbal therapy.