Herbal Treatment

We offer a range of natural herbal medicines for a variety of conditions

Why herbal treatment?

Herbal medicine is very safe, with little to no side-effects. Herbs can be used to treat your pets condition whilst also improving their comfort and quality of life. Herbs are so safe they can be used in conjunction with one another, meaning you can treat several illness or conditions with a single herbal mixture. For instance, if your pet is experiencing allergies, this is often a sign of toxin build up, which lessens the bodies resistance to allergens. In this case, a herbal formula can be used to flush the toxins from the body, support the liver and kidneys, and also reduce inflammation (allergic reaction symptoms). Treating several symptoms at once is often not possible with pharmaceutical medicine, due to common uncomfortable side-effects, incompatibility of medications or causing liver and kidney damage. 

What can herbs treat?

Often times, several diseases will manifest in the body due to a singular underlying cause such as toxicity build up or blood deficiency. Because of this, it is possible to treat several diseases appearing in an animal with one herbal formula. Conventional medicine will often treat several diseases separately, often masking individual symptoms rather than treating the root cause.

How do I administer herbs?

The herbs come in a concentrated power or liquid form and are easy to administer orally via sprinkling in food or with a syringe.