Treating Pain and Arthritis

We offer a range of natural and non-invasive pain treatments for your pets.

Holistic treatments from experienced professionals

Why holistic?

Conventional treatments are often only able to reduce inflammation and pain,  masking the symptoms instead of providing long term results. Holistic treatment is a full body healing modality, tailored to your pets needs and individual case, in contrast to conventional treatment where your pet will receive the standard care. Pain and arthritis can manifest because of many things, therefore treatment cannot be a one size fits all. For example: when there is too much blood in a painful area or conversely too little, these symptoms will need to be treated differently. Herbal medicine and acupuncture are very safe, whereas many pain relieving pharmaceuticals will reduce the blood flow to the kidney / liver which with chronic use can cause problems with these organs. Herbs and acupuncture have little to no side effects, providing treatment for your pets disease whilst also protecting from the side effects of pharmaceuticals.

Is it safe to use alongside other treatments?

Yes. Our methods are non-invasive and safe to use alongside conventional treatment methods. If you choose to, an integrated approach (using holistic alongside conventional) allows for your pets wellbeing and comfort. Holistic medicine can be used to treat not only the disease, but combat the side-effects of other treatments and pharmaceuticals your pet may be having. 


What methods can be used?

Each case is unique, so each patient will have a bespoke treatment plan. Our treatments generally include a combination of diet planning, acupuncture and herbal therapy.

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