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Rinnert made a huge difference in the well being of our 13 year old Staffordshire bull terrier Harley. He was suffering from knee and hip pain from an injury when he was much younger. Within a day of the first treatment he was walking much better, was able to sit down properly and his tail was wagging again!

He was much happier and so were we. The treatment was stress free for everyone, in fact Harley slept all the way through! I can highly recommend Rinnert. Everything was explained, he was very calm and professional and most importantly Harley felt very relaxed around him .

Tony Ward, Husbands Bosworth, UK

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Rinnert treated our dog’s skin condition. Blik had sore patch in her groin, which kept coming back despite our own vet’s best efforts.

We were happy and surprised to see how quick the condition responded to acupuncture. Rinnert explained the treatment very well and we felt very comfortable and confident because of this. Blik was a bit nervous at first but became very relaxed as a result of the treatment and did not seem to mind the needles at all!

We would recommend Dr. Rinnert to anyone. He is very knowledgeable on both acupuncture and conventional veterinary medicine. This allows for an integrated treatment where the most beneficial traditional or acupuncture strategy can be chosen. He is a very skilled and compassionate acupuncture vet.

Jannie C. Limburg

Lacey has been seeing Rinnert for her skin issues after her local vet was limited in what they could do.  After her first session I instantly noticed a difference in her energy levels.  Lacey is very timid around people but after a few appointments she started to settle down to the point she comfortably sat with her acupuncture needles in looking very relaxed.  I like that Rinnert asks lots of questions at each appointment about how things have been and checks everything in details.  He also explains what he feels is going on with her and what needs to be done.  He has advised her diet and explained how certain things she eats affects her health, making her skin worse.  You wouldn’t believe she’s a 9 year old dog now, she has so much energy and is back to her old younger self.  I would definitely recommend Rinnert and what he does.

Cheryl Singh

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