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Holistic veterinary therapies such as acupuncture, herbs and whole food advice

Holistic Vet Care, previously known as Restore Veterinary Acupuncture, provides you with solutions when conventional treatment does not work or has too many side effects. Acupuncture and herbs can help treat a wide range of diseases such as arthritis, neurological issues and gastro-intestinal issues such as IBD and pancreatitis. One other very useful application of acupuncture and herbs is supporting cancer treatment.

One of the key benefits of acupuncture and herbs is that they are very safe and most of the “side effects” are positive ones. Many herbs for example protect the liver and the kidneys when aggressive medications are used, such as chemotherapy. 

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Could your pet benefit from acupuncture?

Animal Acupuncture is becoming more and more popular among pet owners in the UK. Why is this? Acupuncture is a great option for diseases that are hard to treat with conventional methods. This is because acupuncture works differently than other treatment methods. Acupuncture can also help speed up recovery of patients with painful conditions, such as an injury of the cruciate ligaments.
Acupuncture can help your dog with arthritis. It may be that it is already on pain medication but it is still unhappy and in pain. Acupuncture can make this dog much more comfortable and happy. As a result, your dog will be more keen to go for walks and this will increase quality of life and wellbeing.
Chronic pain can be very hard to treat, since it is caused by abnormal behaviour of nerve cells. Treatment with acupuncture can cause these nerve cells to behave normally again and treat chronic pain. The changes in the body caused by chronic pain are harder to treat once they progress. For this reason it is important to use acupuncture in the early stages of its onset, not just as a last resort.
Another use of acupuncture is the treatment of allergies. There are many cases where only steroids work, which can cause serious side effects in the long run. Acupuncture can help because it may be possible to reduce or stop the steroids as a result of treatment. This is important because steroids can have harmful or even life-threatening side effects.
Other conditions that can be treated are epilepsy, kidney disease or behavioural issues. Please click here to read more about the indications of acupuncture.

About Holistic Vet Care

Holistic Vet Care is a holistic pet referral service run by Dr. Rinnert van den Bergh. Rinnert is a fully qualified and insured vet who focusses on holistic animal therapies such as acupuncture and herbs.
Our aim is to alleviate chronic illnesses that are hard to treat with conventional therapies. We work with vet clinics and where necessary do home visits.
Our consultations last between 45-60 minutes. We believe that taking extra time for you and your pet reduces stress and improves results.
We treat cats, dogs, rabbits and horses. You will stay with your own vet for anything not related to acupuncture. Referral is easy, all your vet needs to do is to fill in our patient referral form.
Pet/equine insurance companies often cover the cost of treatments, please contact your insurer to check their policy rules.

What is an acupuncture treatment like?

Acupuncture works in the same way as in people and is just as effective. Treatment is safe and involves placing fine needles in strategic points on the body. Placing the needles is gentle and pain free. In fact, pets often feel so relaxed they fall asleep during treatments. Acupuncture is very safe, when carried out by an appropriately trained acupuncture vet.

Treatment normally takes about one hour. This ensures that there is enough time to assess the patients needs before the treatment, as well as checking the treatment response.

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