Treating Cancer

We offer a range of natural and non-invasive cancer treatments.

Why holistic?

Most of our clients choose holistic methods over, or to use along side conventional treatments, not only because they are safer and more comfortable for the patient, with less side-effects, but also because it uses a comprehensive approach. The aim of holistic treatment is to treat the cause of the disease and the symptoms, whilst supporting the pets immune system and body’s own healing ability. For instance, removing a tumour does not treat the cause of cancer, it removes the visual indication of it’s presence. If the cause of disease and dis-harmony is not treated, it may manifest elsewhere in the body. Holistic treatment is a full body healing modality, which promotes balance and treats not only the symptoms, but the cause.

Koko's story

“This is Koko, our 4 year-old kokoni from Greece. Koko was diagnosed with colon cancer and inoperable lymphoma on the 7th of June. The vets immediately suggested euthanasia and the oncologist gave her a life expectancy of 4 weeks to 6 months. We were devastated. After hearing about the choices of either chemotherapy or steroids, with many side-effects and no guaranteed success, we started researching for alternative treatments. Three days later we found Rinnert. He arranged an appointment for us straight away. When we took Koko to him, she had just had the operation which confirmed her cancer. She was barely walking and had no energy. During our first visit, Rinnert did acupuncture on her and as soon as we left him, Koko started walking on the grass, sniffing and having energy! We were astonished!

Koko's photo

The following days, we followed all his advice and were giving her Chinese Herbs, twice daily, and the drops he gave us. Within a week, Koko was back to normal! Running at the park, eating her food, and drinking her water, as if there was nothing wrong! We are already on our 5th week after the cancer diagnosis and Koko lives a normal life, full of joy and energy!

Rinnert is the only vet that Koko doesn’t try to run away from. He is so calm and patient with her and has the best treats! We are now sure that we are on the right track. Rinnert has such a humane approach to Koko and her issue, as well as to us! Thanks to him, Koko has a quality of life for as long as she lives, and for us, this is the most important thing! Thank you Rinnert!”- Koko’s family

Is holistic safe to use along side other treatments?

Yes. Our methods are non-invasive and safe to use alongside conventional treatment methods. An integrated approach (using holistic alongside conventional) importantly takes into consideration your pets wellbeing and comfort. Holistic medicine can be used to treat not only the disease, but combat the side-effects of other treatments your pet may be having.

What methods can be used?

Each case of cancer is unique, so each patient will have a bespoke treatment plan. Our treatments generally include a combination of diet planning, acupuncture and herbal therapy.